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Cool resources for sending emails

Today I find out that I have a lot of opened tabs, related to emails.

Let's close them and collect some important notes.

A few tips for those who send cold emails. 🔥 Specifically, our best practices to avoid being trapped by spam filters and reach more prospects with your campaigns.

  • Switch to a dedicated IP address;

  • Set up and regularly monitor DNS settings (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI: you can do it manually or with record generator tools);

  • Respect sending limits (do not send 1000 emails per day per mailbox if your email service provider recommends 250);

  • Make the ‘from’ line trustful (name, surname, and company name must be real);

  • No caps lock, spam words, or exclamation marks in the subject line;

  • Do not insert links or images with the first cold email (your prospects’ are not supposed to hear from you, any links will be considered suspicious);

  • Check your email copy for spam triggers;

  • Keep email lists clean (regularly validate them and stay away from bounces);

  • Do the warmup properly (increase the limits gradually, interact with recipients with high sender scores).

    Me recommend to you pay more attention to these points.

    Also trying to play with Vercel and try few things related to form automation

Great articles from EmailOctopus:

A great tool that I recently find:

Automizy did a great job, by touching important topics

Linkedin page of LLazyEmail