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Cool-Newsletters-for-developers-[Part 2]

· 2 min read

Cool Newsletters for developers [Part 1]


ReactJS Newsletter

weekly newsletter of React.js news and articles

React Native Newsletter

news, articles, issues & pull requests

React Digest

A weekly newsletter for React developers with top 5 links

The React Newsletter

A weekly newsletter about React and ecosystem

React Status

A weekly roundup of the latest React and React Native links and tutorials

Awesome React Newsletter

A weekly overview of the most popular React news, articles and libraries.


Ember Weekly

latest Ember.js news, tips & code


Vue.js Newsletter

Weekly Vue.js news.

Vue.js Developers Newsletter

weekly curated publication of the best articles, latest news and coolest Vue projects


Tips & tricks about the Vue ecosystem, for busy devs. Published weekly


Svelte News Weekly

weekly newsletter

Angular Weekly

angular related topics and news from the last week

Category: CSS

CSS Weekly

Weekly e-mail roundup of css articles, tutorials, etc.


css tricks

CSS Layout News

weekly collection of tutorials, news and information on all things CSS Layout

Tailwind Weekly

Weekly newsletter about all things TailwindCSS

Category: design

Web Design Weekly

latest Web Design and Front-end trends

Five design-centric posts each day

Web Designer News

Curated stories for designers

Alertbox E-Mail Newsletter

articles about interface usability, website design, and UX research from the Nielsen Norman Group

UI movement

Only the best UI design inspiration, right in your inbox.

Designer News

design community

Design Faves

Daily posts and exclusive articles marry the very best modern expressions and innovations from the Branding, Art and Graphic Design worlds

Hack Design

An easy to follow design course for people who do amazing things

Hacking UI

Weekly hand-picked resources for front-end developers and product managers.


Latest web news and articles from industry experts

Design Systems News

Latest news, articles, repos, code


Designgest is an easy way to get fresh information about interactive design trends.


biweekly curated newsletter about Figma.

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