New features for a stress-free experience.
Smoother pickups are here

When it’s effortless, using Uber can feel like magic. Confusion during your pickups can take away from that experience, so we’ve added new features to help get your rides started right.

Send a message, simply

Now you can easily share where you’ll be waiting, or what color you’re wearing. Pickup Messages are read out loud to your driver so they can stay focused on the road.

Shine bright at night

Stand out from the crowd with Spotlight, a colored light that shines from your phone. Hold it up, and we’ll let your driver know to be on the lookout for you.

Guarantee your pickup time*

We know your time is valuable. Now when you schedule a ride at least 30 minutes in advance, your driver will arrive on time—or you’ll receive Uber credits toward your next ride.

*Coming soon

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