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Best Email Marketing Tools for 2022

  • Revue - Editorial newsletters tool for writers and publishers
  • Sendgrid - Email delivery service
  • Postcards - Create awesome emails with drag & drop simplicity
  • BEE - Create beautiful emails, fast.
  • Stripo - Free email template builder
  • Substack - Paid newsletters made simple
  • Mailchimp - Free emailing software
  • Converkit - Send automated emailing campaigns
  • Sendy - Send newsletters, 100x cheaper
  • Sendfox - Start a newsletter without money
  • TinyLetter - Email for people with something to say
  • Mailerlite - Pricing mailerlite
  • Butondown - The easiest way to write/grow/build/launch/share/run/ your newsletter
  • Upscribe - Upscribe Newsletter Creator: Email Capture Sign Up Forms, Marketing & Sequences Tool. No more battling with your email newsletter tool…
  • Palabra - Automate your product-led growth
  • Friendly - The Privacy Friendly Marketing Automation Software
  • Froged - Optimize your Customer Experience with One Powerful Product
  • Mailjet - Create and send beautiful emails without touching a single line of code
  • UnderSend - Create and send personalized marketing campaing to your users based on their activities and properties. It`s ideal for SAAS
  • MailMeteor - Send personalized mass emails with the best mail merge in Gmail
  • - Build your dream messaging workflows (send targeted emails, push notifications, and SMS < indiehacker)
  • Flodesk - Design emails people love to open
  • Mailwarm - Don't land in spam anymore
  • ConvertKit - How ConvertKit helps you as a creator
  • SendX - makes it easy to be a responsible email marketer
  • Colorlib - is the most popular WordPress theme specific online resource which serves over 1 million pageviews each month
  • Mailtrap - is a testing tool and is not designed to deliver emails to real addresses
  • Feedotter - Automated RSS email, integrations with Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and drag-and-drop newsletter curation tools
  • Stripo - Plateforme de conception d'e-mails
  • EmailOctopus - Email marketing made easy
  • NoCodeLetters - Send your newsletters directly from Notion
  • BirdSend - Don't waste paying 3-5X more on an expensive email marketing tool
  • ActiveCampaign - Drive growth with customer experience automation
  • AWeber - is an email marketing tool that allows you to: create a mailing list and capture data onto it; design newsletters that can be sent to the subscribers on your list; automate your email marketing via use of 'autoresponders' view and analyse statistics related to your email marketing campaigns.
  • ConvertKit - is the go-to marketing hub for creators that helps you grow and monetize your audience with ease
  • Constant Contact - effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to meet business goals
  • Omnisend - is an omnichannel marketing automation platform for growth-focused ecommerce businesses
  • Getresponse - is an email marketing platform. It enables to create a valuable marketing list of prospects, partners, and clients, so can develop relationships with them and build a responsive and profitable customer base.
  • Sendinblue - is the only all-in-one digital marketing platform empowering B2B and B2C businesses, ecommerce sellers and agencies to build customer relationships through end to end digital marketing campaigns, transactional messaging, and marketing automation.
  • Privy marketing for ecommerce companies
  • Campaign Monitor - is a global technology company that provides an email marketing platform that's easy to use yet extremely powerful
  • Sendy - is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
  • Mailtrain - is a self-hosted newsletter app developed in Node. js. It allows you to manage large subscriber lists, generate a new campaign using entry data as message contents, send it to selected subscribers, and track individual click statistics for every link in the message.
  • Listmonk - is a standalone, self-hosted, newsletter and mailing list manager. It is fast, feature-rich, and packed into a single binary. It uses a PostgreSQL (⩾ v9. 4) database as its data store.
  • BenchMark - is a simple email marketing tool for anyone who needs to send personalized email at scale.
  • SendPulse - is a cloud-based marketing solution that allows users to manage email, text messaging and push notifications through a single platform
  • Flodesk - a new email marketing service provider that’s built for creators, by creators
  • Peopcampaigns - the most powerful email platform that allows you to connect your Amazon SES account and run your email marketing
  • Mailster - is an easy to use Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress
  • Sparkpost - is the world’s first and only predictive email intelligence platform
  • Jilt - eCommerce email marketing for WooCommerce, Shopify, and EDD Jilt
  • Autopilot - brings the customer data platform, customer journey marketing, and customer journey analytics together to grow your SaaS business
  • Keap - the all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform designed to help you grow
  • Mailbakery - simply beautiful custom email marketing newsletter templates, design and code email templates for marketing campaigns

Email Marketing For eCommerce

Automation Email Marketing platform

  • Aritic - is a full-stack automation platform. It includes marketing automation, communication automation, CRM application, service desk application and business automation stack designed for B2B companies
  • ActiveCampaign - is a software for customer experience automation (CXA), which combines the transactional email, email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM categories
  • Sendinblue - is the only all-in-one digital marketing platform empowering B2B and B2C businesses, ecommerce sellers and agencies to build customer relationships through end to end digital marketing campaigns, transactional messaging, and marketing automation.
  • Drip - the automated marketing tools, insights, and savvy to turn shopping experiences into useful data streams, emails into earnings, and popups into cha-chings
  • GetResponse - is an email marketing platform. It enables to create a valuable marketing list of prospects, partners, and clients, so can develop relationships with them and build a responsive and profitable customer base.
  • Automizy - is an email marketing software platform that helps marketers improve their open rate through its different features
  • Sender - empowers to quickly and easily keep in touch with your customers and grow your business - while spending much less
  • MailPoet - is an one-stop email solution for wordPress and woocommerce website
  • Elastic Email - is an email delivery service for transactional emailing
  • Woodpecker - uses to get emails delivered to main inbox & get more sales opportunities
  • Zoho Campaigns - is a platform built exclusively for email marketing—you bring in and manage the email database of your leads and contacts and send marketing emails to them

Tools for effective work with emails


How Often Should You Send Your Subscription Newsletter?

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Frontend Development

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HTML stuff

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Open source tools


DNS DKIM Records

Sending emails via Amazon SES


Newsletter Metrics

Email Marketing Basics

How To Measure Your Newsletter Performance

All about effective Email Marketing

Email marketing strategy

Transactional Emails

  • website
  • popup form or subscribtion form(but be careful)
  • spread the word on your social media or create FB ads
  • provide a value to current users
  • make it easier to share your letter, so you can benefit from it. ask your readers to share :)

How to Build an Email List From Scratch: 9 List Building Steps to Follow in 2022 + Infographic

  1. Make your newsletter a valuable product
  • Focus on your target audience
  • Make it useful
  • Engage with your contacts and ask for feedback
  1. Promote your newsletter like a product
  • Social media pages
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Online conferences and events
  • Partnerships\Ads-PPC campaigns
  • Use some tools and software
  1. Create lead magnets Examples:
  • Ebook
  • Guide
  • Report
  • Checklist
  • Resource kit
  • Framework
  • Educational materials
  1. Present the benefits or joining your email list
  2. Create a landing page for your newsletter
  3. Add subscription forms to your website and blog
  4. Create a survey for website and blog visitors
  5. Run a webinar for your target audience (Partner up with people in your industry with same target audience)
  6. Create a list building funnel
  • Lead magnet funnel
  • Standard opt-in funnel

List different features that you might take into consideration

  • Email Builder
  • Email Templates
  • Landing Pages
  • Segmentation & Personalization
  • Retargeting Audience
  • Email Analytics
  • Dynamic Content
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Behavioral-based Automation
  • Custom-coded Templates
  • Lifetime Value
  • Surveys
  • Single-step Automation Rules
  • Multi-Step Workflows
  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Phone Support

A few tips for those who send cold emails. 🤝 Specifically, our best practices to avoid being trapped by spam filters and reach more prospects with your campaigns.

  • Switch to dedicated IP address
  • Set up and regularly monitor DNS settings (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI: you can do it manually or with record generator tools);
  • Respect sending limits (do not send 1000 emails per day per mailbox if your email service provider recommends 250);
  • Make the ‘from’ line trustful (name, surname, and company name must be real);
  • No caps lock, spam words, or exclamation marks in the subject line;
  • Do not insert links or images with the first cold email (your prospects’ are not supposed to hear from you, any links will be considered suspicious);
  • Check your email copy for spam triggers;
  • Keep email lists clean (regularly validate them and stay away from bounces);
  • Do the warmup properly (increase the limits gradually, interact with recipients with high sender scores).

Reasons to use email newsletters

  1. Your customers want to hear from you.
  2. Email newsletters spark sales.
  3. Newsletters reconnect you to your customers.
  4. Newsletters build your credibility.
  5. It’s a cheap way to test marketing ideas.
  6. It’s a way to get people when they’re on their phones.
  7. You can give your customers things of value and trigger their desire to reciprocate.
  8. You can segment your market as narrowly as you wish.
  9. It’s a warmup pen for your leads.
  10. You can start two-way conversations.

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