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React Design System

React Design System

modules that we developing right now

Basic components, like headings, links, buttons, images with links.


Repository with nextJS framework for previewing templates

Small components, related to email templates, like unsubscribe links, social media panel, etc.


Default repository with backbone project that you can use as starting point

Folders structure

Set of components, related to basic tables. Can be used for containers.

Remix-* templates

Major Release steps (stretch goals)

  • complete table repo

  • work on the typography repository

  • to check what is going on with the NextJS preview repository

  • to review the current state of the HN template and what is necessary to complete to meet our goals

  • at the same time, maybe it will be easier to complete & release a few "billing" templates that we have.

I started to organize information on our documentation website.

Separating and organizing templates into a better code naming we react templates and organizing repositories

My goal a year ago was to clean up our markdown-to-email repository. We have a 2nd branch, packed with react stuff, now it's separated but needs input to finish things.

A generator is using the outer template and inner components(Interior) separately.
This is why we split things that way. While the generator is creating content dynamically, the outer template is static.

Inner Template folders structure


List of Miscellaneous components


Email Template Folders structure


React Templates structure


Typography Components